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Connection types

Fabric color palette
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Waterproof fabric Plain fabric Fake leather
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Instructions for cleaning a waterproof cloth

For wet stains (coffee, soft drinks, alcohol) direct cleaning with dry cloth / kitchen towels, without pressure.If the stain penetrates, we use fluids wipes / baby wipes and with gentle circular movements we clean the stain. For stains such as sauces, grease, etc.,with a soft soft sponge and a minimum amount from neutral soap we remove the stain with slight circular movements and rinse with a clean sponge.


Price (unpainted)  32 €

Impregnation paint34€
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600 604 605
606 607 608
609 610

Varnish paint 42€
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Paint with varnished surface

Acrylic paint 37€
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Lacquer paint 42€
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Aging style +3€
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* The price does not include VAT and transportation costs.
** Shades may be deviating from reality

Dimensions: Height: 75cm. Width: 37cm. Depth: 37cm.

Greek wooden stool. The frame is made of solid beechwood. The parts have special ribbing for better welding, which is made with the German RAKOLL cola. The seat can be SEAT or CLOTHED WITH: SIMPLE FABRIC, WATERPROOF WOVEN, TECHNODERMA, WOODEN. Fabrics as well as technocard are available in many colors.